On Monday the social worker came to our home to learn more about us and our life. While my first reaction was to vacuum under every piece of furniture, rearrange my bedroom, and call a landscaper, this wasn’t really what it was about. We have been taking courses related to the special issues of parenting an adopted child, so we got to ask our questions from the courses. She was great at responding to our concerns and questions. The other portion of our three hours together was mainly about telling our story (which is fun for us). We got to share how Alex was called to ministry, how we met, how we decided to get married, how we ended up in Florida, etc. We also shared about our families, how we were raised, what we fight about and how we resolve it, etc. Before we knew it 3 hours had gone by! I mean we even had the photo albums were out! The funny part is that the part we were so worried about (the home inspection) lasted all of two or three minutes. I don’t even think you could call it an inspection. It felt more like a tour.

In the end, it was an honor for us to share our story with our new friend Jeannette. She was genuine, empathetic, and very interested in who we were. We are so blessed that even the journey to be united with our child is a joy. Thank you for everyone who is praying already for this process, our family, and our child.

Next steps: we are still working out a way to get Alex’ birth certificate and completing our classes required by the state of Florida. Our next meeting with the social worker is scheduled for a month from now!