Over the past few weeks in between our meetings with the social worker, we have been required to take online courses related to adoption.  This is something that the state of Florida requires any parent adopting a child to do.  It has been a real eye opener for us to see just how many issues are particular to adopting.  I guess parenthood by any avenue has a learning curve.  We may post some articles about particular issues at a later point to help people understand some of those things.

All the classes were in preparation for our fourth and final home study visit which feels like a real accomplishment.  We have submitted the paperwork necessary for our social worker to begin writing our home study, an elaborate write up on our family with supporting documentation such as background checks (city, multi-state, federal etc), marriage license, birth certficates, employment verification etc.  Once that goes through, we will prepare the other major document that will go to Colombia called a dossier – the formal request to adopt a child there.

Needless to say, we are very happy to be making progress on this process.  Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging to us in this process.  Your excitement for us and all the questions have made it possible to share this journey with our friends and family.