“Erin Diaz?”


“I’m supposed to come and get you and ask you to come up front with me.”

This summer, Alex and I traveled to Venezuela to speak at a Christian camp for young adults.  On the last night, as part of Alex’s message, he talked about our decision to adopt a child from Colombia.   I had shared this many times before, but for some reason, that night I broke into tears as Alex told them about our initial pain in not being able to conceive.  I also cried tears of joy as he shared what we believed to be God’s purpose in not allowing us that blessing. 

That night, after Alex finished preaching, the pastor sent someone to bring me up front with Alex and asked for everyone to surround us and pray for our child.  That night, halfway across the world, hundreds of hands reached out to Alex and me, surrounding us as they prayed for what is to come.

I will never forget what God did that night.  Though our journey has had some bumps, that night for me was a confirmation of God’s plan for our lives.   It was if God was reaching out to us through all those hands and saying, “I’ve got this.   I am all over this.  Just wait and see.”

I know that God has a great plan for the life of the child he is making room for in our lives in a major way.  It is confirmed in the prayers of his people over and again in our hearts.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the paperwork process that can be long and slow.  We trust God’s timing as we move forward and wrap up this portion of our journey.   We will keep you posted when we send that request to the U.S. in the mail.  I think we may have a party that night or something!