As part of the process to adopt, we found out early on that Colombian citizens get priority. However, recently we learned through our agency that it is in fact a requirement for at least one of the adoptive parents to be a Colombian national.

Thankfully, because my parents are both Colombian I was able to request my Colombian papers last week. The only document that took a long time to get for this was my Venezuelan birth certificate, which I was able to retrieve back in August in Caracas, but other than that the actual process at the Colombian Consulate in Miami was very smooth, and it only took one day!

Turns out, because my parents are Colombian I am Colombian by right, so this process wasn’t one of naturalization, rather a request based on birth-given rights. I was glad to learn that, because I do not want to lose neither my Venezuelan nor my American citizenships!

My dad was gracious enough to take time off work to go with me to the Consulate. Once there we were both pleasantly suprised at the respectful manners of the diplomatic officers, as well as their willingness and drive to help us get these papers quickly. And, since the motive for this was an adoption, they would encourage and even thank me and bless me for it. I would tell them the blessing is really ours, we want to have a family and this baby will make a dream come true. Regardless, I pray these blessings get passed on to our new child!

I am grateful to my parents, German and Yolanda, and to my heavenly Father, for giving me this gift of being Venezuelan by birth, Colombian by right, and American on purpose. I am honored to be a national of three amazing nations, and Erin and I are so happy our first child will have all three heritages.