Our journey to adopt and bring home our child from Colombia to Miami

Monthly Archives: December 2012

Our most recent adoption journey update came a couple weeks ago when our social worker told us she was tied up with year end visits but hopes to soon complete our home study. For a person who likes to move forward with tenacity toward her goals and plans, the inability to do anything at this time to help the process along is an uncomfortable feeling.
Every time I get anxious I just have to be reminded that we have placed this, timing and all, into God’s hands. Surrender of the will is not something that is done only once, but is a daily process. We trust that God is in control. He says, “my ways are not your ways.” He also says he is trustworthy and true. We stake our lives on those claims and believe them with everything inside us. We find rest and peace knowing he is orchestrating what is to come and who is to come. Until then, join us in our excitement and expectation in this journey. As we know more we will continue to update everyone. We thank you for your prayers and support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!