Our journey to adopt and bring home our child from Colombia to Miami


Questions about the process are natural for all parties, and we are happy to answer as many as we can live or online. That is why we’ve created this section for you to browse through and hopefully find answers to some of your questions.

Q: How long will this process take? 

A: There’s no definite time table because each family works on their paperwork differently and each country does as well, so there are only educated guesstimations. We have been advised to expect the process to take more or less 12 to 18 months from the time we start (We are officially beginning our adoption process in June of 2012).

Q: Are you choosing to adopt because you cannot have your own children? 

A: It’s been four years since we’ve decided to begin a family, but we are not certain that we can or cannot have biological children. God began putting adoption in our hearts little by little  in the last couple of years and this year we decided after much prayer and consideration that we would adopt our first child.

Q: Will you ever have your own children?

A: This baby will be ours, regardless of biology. If we ever have biological children we will love all our children just the same. Regardless, they will all be “ours.”

Q: Why did you choose Colombia? 

A: After prayer we felt strongly led towards that decision. We also have strong Colombian roots and still have close family ties in that country. Also, we found out the Colombian foster care system is well run and children seem to be well taken care of.

Q: Will your child ever know his/her original culture and country?

A: Yes. We have Colombian roots and relatives, and we are both fluent in Spanish. We will be exposing our child to the Colombian culture and language by visiting our relatives in Colombia and our Colombian relatives who live in the US. Plus, here in South Florida it’s common to find Colombian culture and people. On top of that, however, our child will proudly be an American.

Q: Will your child ever know he/she is adopted?

A: Yes. We will not hide that, and we intend to educate ourselves as much as we can so we can make adoption part of our normal family history and not a taboo.

Q: If I make a donation, will you use it for purposes other than the adoption? 

A: No. We are saving in order to cover as much as we can, but 100% of all donations will be used towards the adoption process which is a huge help for us. Thank you so much for supporting our family!


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